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Market Planner package


Market Planner package is meant for the following purposes:

-effective maintenance of contracts made in the target market

- step-by-step development in the target market of your occupied part

- incipient problems with clients’ payment for products or services, problems of customs formality solution, legal problems with clients in the target market, decisions of state administrative bodies in the target market.


Market planer package is divided into separate elements:


-observing competitors and partners activities in the target market,

-market researches and other relevant information from target market,

-legal assistance,

-logistic solutions to the target market,

-custom clearance support

-payments and dept management in the target market


With the help of this package you can plan very distinctly the strategy of your long-term actions in the target market basing upon our analytical information presented to you. Using the separate elements of this instrument and our advised services to neutralize the possible danger for your successful business in new market you can predict the risk factors of your activity in the target market beforehand.


Using this package you minimum annual savings will be: €55 000

(Hiring a manager with experience and setting up a small office in the target market cost in average €95 000/year. Using our platform Market Planner package cost in average €40 000/year)