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Pre-communication package


Pre-communication package is the quickest and the most effective way to present your Company to all potential partners in the target markets within a short period of time.


On behalf of your Company our call centre will call directly to the companies any of your target market. We will find responsible contact persons and will briefly agree on potential communication with your company. After the potential partners are interested, we will send them by fax, e-mail your initial offers and discuss technical details and the best way to contact your company directly in future.


In necessary, we can ask them the concrete questions prepared beforehand and get the answers useful for the development of your company. For example, what is their comparative level of interest, what they think about prices and conditions, what they thing about the certain products, etc.


Our trading professionals have a great experience in the field of commerce, are characterized by perfect skills of negotiation and comprehensive knowledge about local companies in any business practice of Eurasia markets. Therefore, the participation of these professionals (as the mediate negotiators) will help you to achieve practical results quicker than in case when you will conduct directly initial negotiations yourselves.


After the negotiation we will give you the list of companies in which we will present the results of negotiation and all our necessary remarks.


Using this package you minimum annual savings will be: €12000

( One advertisement on the specialized business community newspaper in target market cost - from €1200 -6000 / 1 time, (€14400 - €72 000 / 12 times, participating on target exhibition ~€7000...minimum expenditure in first stage~ €15.000. Pre-communication package cost in average- €3000)