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    • The City of Kaliningrad – is the regional center, the capital of Amber Region and the largest municipality in the Kaliningrad region.

    • Have you ever considered doing business in Kaliningrad? If so, the best starting point would be to learn the basics on the subject.

    • Recent years the financial market of the city was characterized by a rather tough competition, due to which the quality and a range of services have been sufficiently improved. 44 commercial banks with 166 offices nowadays operate in the city.
    • The city of Kaliningrad is an industrial center of the region. The leading role in the city's industrial structure belongs to the fuel industry, machine building, food processing industry and electric power industry (80.7%). The city has shipbuilding and ship repair enterprises, enterprises of machine building complex, food processing companies, furniture companies, an assembly production of television, video, radio, household appliances and cars is developing.

    • In contrast to the implementation of investment projects in the Russian Federation, in the Kaliningrad region an investor can take advantage of the federal law “On the Special Economic Zone in the Kaliningrad Region” in terms of tax benefits

    • The number of people who would like to open their own business grows in the city of Kaliningrad, and they need professional help in realization of their ideas. The consulting companies in the city rendering each and very wide range of services: juridical, consultations in sphere of taxation, accounting, etc. Also these companies are carrying out different training seminars on different themes, concerning running business.

    • Entering Kaliningrad citizens of Russia and CIS must have their foreign passports with them. If you arrive in Kaliningrad by plane you have to submit your civil passport. For entering Kaliningrad by car, Schengen visa is required.

      Citizens of others countries need Russian visa.

      Citizens of the Schengen countries, Great Britain, Switzerland and Japan can use the opportunity to apply for one – entry tourist visas (not more than 72 hours).


    • Kaliningrad is not only the regional center, it is also a tourist attraction, as most of its cultural and historical sites, museums, monuments and entertainment centres are located in the city.

      Tourism infrastructure in Kaliningrad is constantly developing. There are 56 hotels and guest houses in the city with the total of 1724 rooms and 3257 beds. Many hotels have their own conference rooms, meeting rooms and business centers with modern equipment.

    • The annalistic history of our city began at the time of the Crusade of the European knights to the lands of the Prussians. The troops were led by the King Ottokar II. Being 25 years old, he was considered to be a very experienced and invincible commander. The most sufficient result of the Crusade (December 1254 – January 1255) was the emplacement of the castle location. In honour of Ottokar who contributed much to the construction, the Castle was named “Koenigsberg”. Ottokar became a patron of the Castle and the city as well, later on his crown appeared in the cities’ coats of arms.

    • Kaliningrad is an exceptional city which is worth seeing. It is the city with the centuries-old history situated in the center of Europe on the crossing of geographical and historical paths between East and West. It is attractive with its unusual fate where the influences of Eastern and Western cultures...
    • The Herring's Day
    •    Kaliningrad is the westernmost regional administrative center of Russia. Only this Russian city gave to the world 4 cosmonauts: Yuri Romanenko,Victor Patsaev, Alexander Viktorenko and Alexey Leonov, the first man to conduct a space walk.
    • The Kaliningrad Museum of AmberThis art depository was inaugurated in 1979, to become Russia’s first and only museum of amber.

    • The Kaliningrad Art Gallery In Russian: Kaliningradskaya khudozhestvennaya galereya It is a state gallery, paintings, photographs, graffiti, sculptures are presented. How to find: Moskovsky avenue, 60-62, Kaliningrad Opening hours: 10.00 – 18.00 (ticket window: 10.00 – 17.30) Closed: Monday Contacts: +7 (4012) 467143, 467166, artgallery.inform@gazinter.net, www.artgallery-klgd.ru House of Painters In Russian: Dom Khudozhnika. Paintings of members of the Kaliningrad...
    • Kaliningrad Regional Drama Theatre How to find: Mira avenue, 4, Kaliningrad Contacts: +7 (4012) 958188, dramteatre@mail.ru, http://dramteatr39.ru Kaliningrad Regional Music Theatre How to find: Mira avenue, 87, Kaliningrad Contacts: +7 (4012) 935657, pmt@musteatre.ru, www.musteatr.ru Kaliningrad Regional Puppet Theatre How to find: Pobedy avenue, 1, Kaliningrad Contacts: +7 (4012) 213889, 214335, teatrkukol91@mail.ru Kaliningrad Regional Philharmonic Hall How to find: B.Khmelnitskiy Str.,...
    • The appearance of the Orthodox Church in the center of the westernmost regional capital marked the significant event not only in the spiritual but also in the cultural and political life of the region. The construction started in 1996 with the laying of the capsule, which contained the soil taken...