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Business in Kaliningrad

The City of Kaliningrad – is the regional center, the capital of Amber Region and the largest municipality in the Kaliningrad region.

It is no mere chance that Kalinignrad is called the business heart of the Russian Baltic. From its stability of well-being depends on the entire region. That is why the local authorities, Kaliningrad business, citizens are looking for the new ways of economic development of Kaliningrad.

Local business for two decades of contacts with business entities of neighboring countries, as well as other European countries, has absorbed features of the European business culture, has learnt to overcome the conflicts and contradictions and to adapt successfully methods and tools of the Western business world to the specifics of the Russian economy.

Russian and foreign investors are attracted by the Special Economic Zone with its tax privileges, as well as by the region’s favorable geographical position.

Today, Kaliningrad is a big industrial center and a transport hub. There are three ports in the city - two sea ports and one river port, and a large railway station. The project Sea Gates of Kaliningrad is being currently elaborated. The project implies more active tourist use of the banks of the Pregel river, which is crossing the city, and the water areas of the sea ports.

The development strategy of Kaliningrad envisages the city becoming an international trade fair and exhibition center of the Baltic macro-region, a center of cultural and business communication between Russia and Europe.

One of the priorities of the local authorities in the industrial sector is support of the IT businesses developing the infrastructure of the Internet (including - WiFi), digital television, communications and navigation.


To create better conditions for the innovative economy development some new technology-innovative industrial zones and networks of organizations aimed at supporting the development and innovation are founded. Provisions are made to information and personnel support for innovative companies, some technology transfer centers are planned to be created.

The number of commercial entities as of January 1st, 2011 in the city of Kaliningrad is 35.4 thousand units. The majority of them work in sphere of wholesale and retail trade (53%), manufacturing activities (7%), transport and communications (7.5%), real estate operations, renting and services (15%).

The main legal organizational form of enterprises – commercial organizations. The majority is the private ones – 87.3% of the total number of commercial entities


The main spheres of activities, as of January 1st, 2011

  Kaliningrad Region, number of enterprises Kaliningrad, number of enterprises The share of Kaliningrad
Agriculture,  forest sector 3350 437 0.13
Mining operations 110 62 0.56
Manufacturing activities 5201 3695 0.71
Manufacturing and distribution of electric energy, gas, water 261 134 0.51
Construction 5579 4184 0.75
Wholesale and retail trade 16962 12964 0.76
Transport and communication 4078 2893 0.71


During last 7 years a number of large business projects in different economic sectors was implemented in the city.

Thus, in the manufacturing sector “Producty Pitaniya” LLC launched the project of frozen ready-to-cook food production under the trade marks “Zolotoy Petushok” (Golden Chicken) and “Domashnyay skazka” (Homemade fairytale). The capacity of the plant allows manufacturing 13,000 tones of products per month, 1100 employees are working on it.

In transport and logistic sector in June 2009 “DSV Transport” LLC finished construction of cargo terminal for international auto transport, including warehouse for industrial and house-hold goods (volume of investments – 500 million rubles, storage capacity – 10300 pallets, 100 trucks are estimated to be processed at the terminal per day, the parking is for 200 trucks.

In the sector of commercial construction LLC “Kompaniya proektnogo finansirovaniya” (Project Financing Company) finished the first part of the investment project aimed at the construction of the Center for Business Activity and Ethnographic Tourism “Fishing Village”. FishingVillage is planned to provide a complex of entertainment and information services, wide range of traditional business services.


The list of the largest companies

Name of the organization   Address
Type of
LLC “Lukoil-Kaliningradmorneft” Kievskaya st., 23, Kaliningrad
+7 4012 581851,
+7 4012 680022
Loading and unloading, storage of petroleum products
CJSC “Rosneft” Bagdana Khmelnizkogo st., Kaliningrad
+7 4012 351050
Exploration, development, production and sale of oil and gas
LLC “Kaliningradnefneprodukt” Komsomolskaya st.22b, Kaliningrad
Petroleum products
LLC “Telebalt” Kamskaya, 62, Kaliningrad
+7 4012 691818,
Fax  +7 4012 691809
Production of consumer electronics and television
CJSC “Avtotor” Magnitigirskaya st.4, A.Kosmodemyanskogo
+7 4012 590012,
fax +7 4012 590002
Production of autos
LLC “Producty Pitaniya” Kaliningrad, Dzerginskogo st, 244.
+7 4012 600555,
Fax  +7 4012 600556
Production of frozen ready-to-cook food
LLC “Moloko” Kamskaya str., 65, Kaliningrad
+7 4012 650800,
Fax  +7 4012 654241
Dairy products, ice cream, cheese
LLC “Baltprommyaso” Yablochnaya str., 44, Kaliningrad
+7 4012 716905,
fax +7 4012 716904
Meat and meat products manufacturing, canning of fish and sea foods
LLC “Baltptitseprom” A.Kosmodemyanskogo
fax +74012968132
Poultry and egg plant
JSC “Pervy khlebozavod”
(Bread production plant)
General Galitskiy str., 16,  Kaliningrad
+7 4012 531845,
+7 4012 532435
Breadstuffs and bakery production
JSC “Russkiy khleb” Vagonostroitelnaya str., 49, Kaliningrad
+7 4012 961007,
+7 4012 962400
Breadstuffs and bakery production
JSC “SPI RVVK” Chernyakhovskiy str., 80, Kaliningrad
+7 4012 461372,
fax+7 4012 468845
Production of liqueurs and spirits
Kompaniya proektnogo finansirovaniya  Epronovskaya str., 12, Kaliningrad
+7 4012 592592
fax +7 4012 592559
Project financing
LLC “Vinokonyachnyj zavod “Alyans 1982” Lenin Ave., 30А, office.405, Kaliningrad
+7 4012 535511,
Fax  +7 4012 535574
Production of cognac
LLC “Itar” Yaltinskaya str., 128, Kaliningrad
+7 4012 982121
LLC ‘Millenium” Dorozhnaya str., 9, Kaliningrad
+7 4012 323977
Wholesale and retails sale of spirits
LLC “Pivovarni Ivana Tranova” Gagarin str., 225, Kaliningrad
+7 4012 572020,
fax +7 4012 572003
JSC “Baltkran” A.    Nevskiy str., 165, Kaliningrad
+7 4012 590800,
fax +7 4012 590990
manufacturing of industrial cranes, including  engineering, manufacturing, erection up and post-warranty service of cranes.
JSC “Kaliningradskiy tarny kombinat” Yablochnaya str., 40/42, Kaliningrad
+7 4012 566008,
fax +7 4012 642611
manufacturing of packages, cases as well as finished food products
JSC “Rybtechcentr”
Dzerzhinskogo str., 130, Kaliningrad
+7 4012 687862,
Fax  +7 4012 733652
Production of equipment for processing of fish, meat and vegetables
JSC “ZhBI-2” Mukomolnaya str., 14, Kaliningrad
+7 4012 645811,
Fax  +7 4012 641965
Manufacturing of reinforced concrete constructions
LLC “ZhBI-1” Zavodskaya str., 11, PribrezhnyVillage
+7 4012 730014
Manufacturing of reinforced concrete constructions
JSC “Kaliningradskiy zavod ZhBI melioratsiya” Industrialnaya str., 1, Kaliningrad
+7 4012 574067
Concrete constructions, ready-mixed concrete
JSC AtlantRybFlot, Suvorov str., 57, Kaliningrad
факс +7(4012)691402
 R&D organization
JSC Kaliningradgasavtomatika Gvardeyskiy Ave., 15, Kaliningrad
+7 4012 576030,
fax +7 4012 576024
Production of equipment for gas industry
State Unitary enterprise, JSC Zapadnoe parahodstvo  Sergeev str., 14, office 132, Kaliningrad
+7 4012 993601
Shipping company 
CJSC Kaliningradrybmarket Dzerzhinkiy str., 78а, Kaliningrad
+7 4012 474780,
fax +7 4012 646345
Manufacturing and trade company, fish processing, wholesale trade, fish and seafood 
JSC Pribaltiyskiy sudostroitelny zavod  Yantar Transportny tupik, 10, Kaliningrad
+7 4012 647540
Commercial shipbuilding
Naval construction
Steel constructions production
Ship repapering
Mechanical engineering  и metalwork