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Investment Guide into Kaliningrad

In contrast to the implementation of investment projects in the Russian Federation, in the Kaliningrad region an investor can take advantage of the federal law “On the Special Economic Zone in the Kaliningrad Region” in terms of tax benefits (see Step 3). 


The investment projects implemented by the SEZ residents are subject to the following requirements (the federal law of 10 January 2006 № 16-FZ “On the Special Economic Zone in the Kaliningrad Region and Amending some Legislative Acts of the Russian Federation”): 


1. Investment projects should be implemented in the Kaliningrad region; 

2. The amount of investment outlay should be not less than 150 million roubles; 

3. Investment may not be aimed at meeting the following objectives:

  • extraction of oil, natural gas, providing services in these areas;
  • production of ethyl alcohol, alcohol products, the production of tobacco and other excise goods (excluding cars and motorcycles) in accordance with the list approved by the Government of the Russian Federation (the decree of the RF Government dated 31 March 2006 № 185);
  • wholesale and retail trade;
  • repair of household goods and personal demand items;
  • financing activities.

Important: Some activities require a licence under the federal act of 8 August 2001 № 128-FZ “On Licensing Certain Activities” (88). Depending on the type of activity, both the federal executive authorities and the Kaliningrad regional executive authorities can act as licensing authorities. Restrictions on the activities carried out by a foreign investor are imposed by the federal law of 29 April 2008 № 57-FZ “On Procedures for Foreign Investments in the Business Sectors of Strategic Importance for the Country's Defence and National Security”. 

Important: The rights and obligations of investors as well as guarantees of their rights are governed by the federal law of February 25, 1999 № 39-FZ “On Investment Activities in the Russian Federation Carried out in the Form of Capital Investment” dated 9 July 1999 № 160-FZ“On Foreign Investment in the Russian Federation”.