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Key sectors


The city of Kaliningrad is an industrial center of the region. The leading role in the city's industrial structure belongs to the fuel industry, machine building, food processing industry and electric power industry (80.7%). The city has shipbuilding and ship repair enterprises, enterprises of machine building complex, food processing companies, furniture companies, an assembly production of television, video, radio, household appliances and cars is developing.


Residential construction

170 residential houses or 5246 new comfortable apartments with total area of 362,4 thous. square meters were put into service in 2010, that is 4.9% less than in 2009.



There are 2749 transport companies officially registered in Kaliningrad, that is 7,5% of the total organizations located in the city.


Railway transport

Kaliningrad is a major hub of the railway network of the Kaliningrad region. Rail transport is used primarily for transportation between the Kaliningrad region, neighboring countries and the rest of Russia. The outer rail service is carried through two routes: one - through Lithuania and Belarus to Russia and the CIS, on the other - in Poland and Germany.


Maritime transport

The port of Kaliningrad is the westernmost ice-free port of Russia. It has a favorable geographical position close (max. 600 km) to the capital cities and ports of Poland, Germany, Denmark, Sweden and the Baltic countries. The port is at the crossing of two trans-European transport corridor branches. 43 km long Kaliningrad seaway canal connects the port to the Baltic Sea. Its minimum depth is 9.0 m. The channel declared the maximum draft of vessels 8.0 m. The length of vessels should not exceed 170 m.

The Kaliningrad port consists of three modern international ports: sea fishing port, sea commercial port and river port.


Highway transportation

The road transport is the most important kind of international, local and city transport. The city has a developed network of hard-surface roads constituting 87.7% of the total area of main and minor streets and embankments. Road transportation is done on regular routes to cities of Belarus, Germany, the Baltic States, Poland, the Czech Republic.


City Public Transport

Kaliningrad has wide route network covering all districts of the city.

Presently there are 5 trolleybus, 3 tram and 62 autobus routes, including 31 route for large-sized busses and 31 route for small busses, the total length of the routes is 1194,8 km.


Trade and services

Trade and services sectors are the fastest-growing, mobile and meeting the requirements of the time. Trade is considered as the most developed industry in Kaliningrad. During the last ten years (until August 2008), growth in retail turnover amounted to more than 20% per year.