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Sightseeing Tours

Kaliningrad is an exceptional city which is worth seeing. It is the city with the centuries-old history situated in the center of Europe on the crossing of geographical and historical paths between East and West. It is attractive with its unusual fate where the influences of Eastern and Western cultures became intertwined.


Route 1. The historical center of the city (the route acquaints with the old part of city


Seeing over these places of interest you will get an overall idea of how the ancient part of the city looked like.

Route 1  [download]


Route 2. The city fortifications.

Starting from the date of the city foundation and during next 600 years the city was built as a fortress. In Kaliningrad you can see two amazing defense rings of fortifications.

Route 2  [download]


Route 3. Through the places of memory of World War II.

This route is dedicated to the Heroes of World War II. You can see real fighting machine, the motor torpedo boat and the eternal fire.

Route 3  [download]


Route 4. From the Victory (Pobeda) Square to Pobedy avenue (Mir avenue).

It is an endlong short-tour on one of the central street of Kaliningrad, where you can find historical and cultural  information about the city with the special places of attraction for children, such as the Puppet Theatre and the Tsentralny park with new merry-go-rounds and interactive monument of  the famous Baron Munchausen.

Route 4  [download]


Route 5. Architecture of the Modernism Epoch in Koenigsberg.

If you are interested in modernism Epoch and specially the architect F. Heitmann you will like this tour and enjoy the idea of a “city-garden” firstly realized by him here. Let yourself to be lost in wind picturesque streets, quite resting parks and low-rise houses. It will be a pleasure for you!

Route 5  [download]


Route 6. Parks and Promenades.

If you like walking and thinking about life this route is for you! Here you can find one of the oldest Zoo in Europe, the exclusive botanical garden and vest-pocket parks of different countries.

Route 6  [download]


Travel agencies offer excursions in Kaliningrad:

Unona Ltd.

How to find: Oktyabrskaya Str., 2, Kaliningrad

Opening hours: Mon-Fri 09.30 – 19.00, Sat 10.00 – 17.00

Contacts: +7 (4012) 592100, 751999; unona@kldtur.ru, www.kldtur.ru

Kaliningradskie Kurorty Ltd.

How to find: Sovetsky avenue, 18-20, Kaliningrad

Contacts: +7 (4012) 716816, 716861, 951370 (fax), +7 909 7909158 (mob. phone); kurorty-kd@yandex.ru, okaliningrade@yandex.ru, www.o-kaliningrade.ru


Excursion by the River Pregolya:

Transbaltica-Tour Ltd.

How to find: Oktyabrskaya Str., moorage by the lighthouse at the fishing village, Kaliningrad

Opening hours: Mon-Fri 12.00 – 21.00, Sat-Sun10.00 – 22.00 (depending on weather conditions)

Navigation: May - September

Contacts: +7 911 4991166, tb-tur@mail.ru