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Investment proposals

Vilnius City Municipality intends to announce a tender to select an investor for renovating the street lighting system using its own and borrowed funds, and operate it for 23 years after its renovation. City is looking for possibilities to switch to LED-based technological solutions, which would mean the investment of approximately 37 million Euros.

Purpose of Vilnius street lighting PPP project (download)

Renewal and Maintenance of Street Lighting in Vilnius (download)

Lazdynai Pool Reconstruction and Management Project (download)

Call for financial investors, development partnership in Vilnius city centre. One of the oldest and longest pools in Vilnius – working already for 20 years, has 8 lanes of 50 m long, springboard of 5 m. This pool is important in that it educated and trained by famous athletes, who defends the honor of Lithuania.




aPurpose of Vilnius street lighting PPP project