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General information about Lithuania

Lithuania is a Northeastern European country which combines what is regarded as Scandinavian - progressive, orderly, clean, natural and attractive, as well as what is regarded as Eastern European – new, rapidly developing, on the rise, and as yet undiscovered. Sometimes called a Northern, and sometimes an Eastern European country, Lithuania is an authentic combination of Northern and Eastern features.




Lithuania is one of EU’s economic recovery leaders in 2010. Hit by the global economic recession, Lithuania’s economy started again growing already in the 3rd quarter of 2009, demonstrating the steepest quarterly increase across the European Union. The World Bank says that Lithuania leads the recovery in 2010 in one line with Poland, Slovakia, Romania and the Czech Republic among the EU-10 Member States. Also, 3 rating agencies upgraded the Lithuanian Government’s borrow­ing rating from negative to stable in the beginning of 2010. The International Monetary Fund and the World Bank project that the Lithuanian economy will grow 1.6% in 2010 and 3.2% in 2011.


Lithuania is the European Union’s prime transport centre.

The European Union has recognized Lithuania as the prime transport centre in the region linking the EU with the East.


Lithuania is a country with the capital city breathing Europe’s cleanest air and recognized greenest among the new EU-members. In the European Green City Index released by Siemens AG and the Economist Intelligence Unit in 2010, Vilnius tops the category of the European major cities breathing the cleanest air. In the overall ranking category Vilnius, standing No. 13, is the greenest capital among the new EU members.


Lithuania makes a half of the Baltic States’  economy

Source: Lithuanian Department of Statistics, www.stat.gov.lt


In Lithuania :


  • 90% of population with secondary or higher education
  • 40% of population with higher education
  • 50% speak two foreign languages
  • 46 higher education institutions
  • 40% of talent in science and technology
  • 92% operations done via e-banking
  • 88% declaring their income tax online
  • 2000 transportation routes to 40 countries
  • Global leadership in mobile e-signature
  • World’s fastest upload Internet in 2009
  • World’s 5th and Europe’s No. 1 fiber broadband penetration
  • Europe’s highest fiber optic density
  • EU’s 1st greatest GSM penetration
  • World’s No. 1 in the number of mobile telephone subscribers per 100 population
  • Europe’s densest network of public Internet access points
  • Low costs - among Top 10 least expensive European countries
  • Great life quality - among the best locations for life in the EU


Lithuania is larger in size than Belgium, Denmark, the Netherlands, or Switzerland.

With more than half a million people, the capital of Lithuania Vilnius is larger than Tallinn, Ljubljana, Bratislava and some other European capitals.





Lithuania occupies a territory of 65,300 km2.

The country shares common borders with Latvia in the north (588 km), Belarus in the south-east (653 km), Poland in the south-west (104 km), and the Ka­liningrad Region of the Russian Federation, also in the south-west (249 km). The length of Baltic Sea coastline with the Eastern Baltic northernmost ice-free seaport is 99 km.



The capital is Vilnius (population ~ 549,000).

Kaunas (~349,000),

Klaipėda (~183,000),

Šiauliai (~126,000), and

Panevėžys (~112,000).


State Government

Lithuania is an independent democratic republic.

In Lithuania, the powers of the state are exercised by the Seimas (Parliament), the President, the Govern­ment, and the Judiciary.



Litas (LTL or Lt), which has been pegged to the Euro since 2002 at the rate of 3.4528 LTL/EUR.

100 cents = 1 LTL.

Lithuania expects to join the Euro zone in 2014.



Lithuania is in the Central European Time Zone: GMT+2 hours (+3 hours summer time).

When it is noon in Vilnius, it is 11:00 am in Stockholm and Frankfurt,

10:00 am in London and 5:00 am in New York.



The international area code is 00 370

The internet country code is .lt