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Today, Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, is one of the most frequently visited cities of Eastern Europe. It draws attention, not only because of its unique architectural character, but also by its cultural events and attractions. A variety of business, political and cultural meetings are held there. Vilnius is attractively presented at international tourism exhibitions and co-operation between many capitals of Europe is promoted. In 2009, Vilnius, as the first of the new cities of the EU Member States, will become the European Capital of Culture. It will share this honour with the Austrian city of Linz.


During the first ten years of independence the city has become a tourist attraction centre. It is, therefore, not surprising that during these ten years the number of tourists has consistently increased and at the same time tourist infrastructure and services have been developed.

More information about tourism can be found at Vilnius Tourist Information Centre.

  • Vilnius is one of several European capital cities at the crossroads between West and East, South and North. This special position is reflected not only by the variety of its architectural styles, but also by the spirit of the city. Vilnius is Lithuania’s capital and also its most important city.
  • Museum lovers will not be disappointed by the Lithuanian National Museum, the Museum of Applied Art and the Vilnius Picture Gallery. Admirers of contemporary art will find it worth visiting the Contemporary Art Centre, while those who wish to feel the chill of the dreadful totalitarian era inflicted on Lithuania...
  • All art galleries and handicraft workshops are concentrated in the Old Town and city centre. The largest galleries organise various exhibitions where they present the works of different generations of Lithuanian and foreign artists; smaller galleries usually house small alternate collections of contemporary authors, and finding a mature work or...
  • Arka Gallery
  • Aušros Vartų St. 5Tel.: +370 5 266 5233, +370 5 266 5216, +370 698 52075E-mail bilietai@filharmonija.lt www.filharmonija.lt Congress Concert HallVilniaus St. 6/16Tel. +370 5 261 87 07E-mail kongresai@lvso.lt www.lvso.lt Vilnius Teacher's HouseVilniaus St. 39St. Catherines ChurchVilniaus St. 30Tel. +370 5 212 2603E-mail info@kultura.lt www.kultura.lt
  • Cathedral
  • Gedimino ave 4Tel. +370 5 262 9771E-mail info@teatras.lt www.teatras.lt  Lithuanian National Opera and Ballet TheatreA. Vienuolio St. 1Tel./fax +370 5 262 0727, +370 615 51000E-mail info@opera.lt www.opera.lt  State Small Theatre of VilniusGedimino ave 22Tel. +370 5 249 9869E-mail ausra@vmt.lt www.vmt.lt  Lithuanian Russian Drama TheatreJono Basanavičiaus St. 13Tel.
  • Vilnius does not lack for interesting events all year round. There are various cultural events, festivals and celebrations taking place either in the open air, in halls or in non-traditional venues. Below is information on some of the major city events each year.Information about events www.vilnius-events.lt  1 January DAY OF...