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1. Aušros Vartai (Gate of Dawn)2. Museum of Wax Figures3. Folk Artist Jonas Bugailiškis’ Art Studio-Museum4. Church of St. Theresa5. Church of the Holy Spirit and Monastery6. Museum of Amber Figures7. Basilian Gate8. Philharmonic Society9. Church of St. Casimir10. Town Hall11. Contemporary Art Centre12. Russian Orthodox Church of St. Michael13. French Cultural Centre14. Vilnius Picture Gallery15. Church of St. Paraskeva (Piatnica)16. Social Institutions Information Centre – Souvenir Shop17. House of Signatories18. Pilies Street19. Church of St. Francis from Assisi (Bernardine)20. Church of St. Anne21. Exposition Halls Titanikas22. Sereikiškių Park23. Juškus Gallery24. Part of the Park (Valley of Šventaragis)25. Palace of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania26. Monument to Grand Duke Gediminas27. Cathedral Square, Bell Tower28. Tile Miracle29. Cathedral and Chapel of St. Casimir30. Monument to King Mindaugas31. New and Old Arsenal32. Funicular and Gediminas Castle Hill33. Museum of Applied Art
Lithuanian Association of People with Disabilities
Gėlių St. 7
Tel. +370 5 269 1308

Social Institutions Information Centre – Souvenir Shop
Pilies St. 42-17
Tel. +370 5 260 8478
One can see and acquire original souvenirs made by the disabled people here. There are various leather items, knitted, woven and sewn clothes, ceramics, pottery and pictures there. Everyone who buys a souvenir at this Centre supports a disabled person.

Dūkšta Cognitive Walkway at the Neries Regional Park
Direction of the Neries Regional Park:
Vilniaus St. 3, Dūkštos, Vilnius region
Tel. +370 5 259 9234
E-mail: neries_rp@centras.lt
There is the longest cognitive path for the disabled in Lithuania (2.3 km).

Wheelchair for rent:

Tel. +370 672 67202
E-mail: suiniad1@gmail.com

Vytauto St. 24
Tel. +370 5 271 5931
E-mail: vytauto24@idemus.lt

Sėlių St. 29/Lokių g. 2
Tel. +370 5 219 5921
E-mail: vilnius@teida.lt

Vilnius Tourist Information Centre (Vilniaus Street 22) has been adapted to the needs of the individuals with movement disabilities.

Tel. +370 5 262 9660
E-mail: tic@vilnius.lt, www.vilnius-tourism.lt

Mon - Fri 9.00-18.00, Sat - Sun 10.00-16.00